Always improving in life

The majority of people drift through life without setting any goals, desires or outcomes for their future. At a young age, we’re almost taught to follow a path that’s set out for us. School, College or University, Job, Marriage, Kids, Retirement – the end. As a rule, i’m always improving in life. We’re here once, so let’s make it count :-D.

Always improving in life

I live by many rules for my life – and a key factor is to learn something on a daily basis. After all, knowledge is the fountain of life. Along with learning something new everyday – I have clear goals that I am looking to achieve on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly timeframe. The bottom line is if you want to succeed in life you need to set clear goals and achieve them. Here are some tips on setting goals so you’re always improving in life.

Set goals that inspire and motivate you. 

This sounds obvious, but you will be surprised the amount of people that set goals that don’t motivate them! If you have little interest in the outcome, or don’t fit in with your bigger life picture, then don’t include them.

Set SMART goals.

Specific Goals

Your goals must be clearly defined so you have a clear picture for each of your goals. Make it easy to follow from the start of your journey to where you want to end up.

Measurable Goals

Make sure you have dates, amounts or any other measurement that you can track the progress of your goals. Without this, you have no way of knowing if you’re successfully achieved part or all of your goals.

Attainable Goals

Be realistic with the goals you set. Make sure they are achievable. There’s nothing wrong with having stretched goals, but something that’s way out there will demoralise you and chip away at your confidence.

On the other hand, don’t set goals that are too easy – that you didn’t have to work hard at achieving. You need challenging goals and be satisfied when you achieve them.

Relevant Goals

Your goals should be relevant to the direction you’re taking. Stay aligned with your vision and map goals to align with this.

Time-Bound Goals

Set deadlines against your goals, otherwise you will drift, keep putting things off and not achieve. Increase your sense of urgency with goals so you’re out performing at all times.

Make sure your goals are visible.

Write your goals down and keep them visible so you can see and refer back to them. This could be in your jotter, pinned up on the wall or even in a frame by the side of your computer. Statistics show that if you write down your goals and have them visible, you’re more likely to achieve them.

Be consistent in sticking with it.

We all have tough days – in fact, most days never work out as planned. The key to anything in life is consistency. Small consistent steps on a daily basis are a sure way for you to achieve your goals.

Let me know if you have any comments on this article, I will be interested in learning more about what you have to say about this topic. Thanks for reading.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash
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