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Tim Harrison has been a FOREX trader for a number of years now and has now become consistently profitable year on year.

My trading story

I’ve had an interest in the Financial markets for years now. I used to buy penny stocks on the AIM Markets (which is a sub-market of the London Stock Exchange which allows smaller, less-viable companies to float shares) and used to phone my broker on a Monday morning to buy on my behalf after researching companies over the weekend.

I didn’t really know what i was doing and this started to become a problem. I was handing money over to someone that i assumed was an expert – and I’d get a share certificate through the post a few days later – and the usual invite to an AGM. .. I had no control really. I’ve always been in business and small exciting companies fascinated me. I had shares in a gold mine in brazil, emerging healthcare and automotive technologies. But it didn’t really go anywhere.

I then started to become interested in the currency markets (about 4 years ago now)  – the liquidity of it and the fact that it’s 24 hours a day 5 days a week just suited me down to the ground. I’m very much an early morning person.

Get the right trading education

So like everyone i started to hunt down videos on YouTube. The biggest problem I found was that there was this ‘glamour’ and ‘millionaire’ ‘jet set’ lifestyle that was attached to 99% of videos. And this seemed to be the focus, over and above the process and education of trading.

And no one seemed credible enough for me to invest my time or money in.

And yes, the money side is great – but it’s not my motivation. I’ve always been interested in learning things that others find difficult and this was a challenge i had to overcome.

The other thing is i have two small children and I want to be able to transfer this knowledge down to them so they can live a life others cant. It gives them options to not just fall into line as society suggests they will.

It’s important for me that they disrupt this culture and not trade time for money in a job – Ever.

I then stumbled across a guy called Jason Stapleton. The content he put out on YouTube was incredible. I also liked his style. Very matter of fact. Honest and humble. This led me onto finding Akil Stokes,  The Early “Ratio Room” Videos, The Daily Blog, Forex Market Previews that my son and I used to sit down and watch on a Sunday afternoon – (he’s only 4) and of course Trade Empowered.

Naturally I then found Jason Graystone, who is now a mentor and very good friend.

I knew then I’d found the guys that i wanted to learn from and invest in.

I gravitated towards becoming an Advanced Pattern Trader (Bats, Gartleys and Cyphers.)

The problem was, I had this romance with wanting to become a ‘day trader’ but couldn’t make it work around my life. As such, I was rushing my trades, becoming involved in trades I shouldn’t have been in and started to take losses. This had a massive impact on my mind and emotions. I had to re-think what i was doing.

Don’t get me wrong, I had tested each pattern thoroughly on each timeframe across an 8 currency portfolio – so a minimum of 100 trades per pattern per timeframe or at least 5 years worth of data – so i knew that I had an edge and a profitable expectancy. The problem was I just couldn’t get my mind right. The pace of running a business and day trading didn’t work.

It took me around 2 years to fully understand my emotions and how they impact on my trading. And  I would attribute 90% of this to forcing trading into my life.

Design trading around your life

So i started to look at higher timeframe trading – and a different style all together.

I now look at trends, reversals including head and shoulders patterns, flags and break-outs on the daily, 4 hour and 1 hour timeframes. I start my IPDE process on the Monthly chart and drill down. I have a portfolio of 28 currency pairs and strict trade plan rules and currency correlations.

It works perfectly for my life as I look at the charts once a day – just after the daily candle close and execute anything from then until 7am GMT. Sometimes I will be in one trade for the week, however I’ve developed a system that allows me to scale in additional positions on one pair – depending on the circumstances.

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